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"Study of an Artist", Oil on canvas, 16" x 16",

Julie Taylor Shematz 2000

Owned by Margie Rohr, South Bend, IN


Julie Taylor Shematz grew up on a large agricultural & livestock farm southeast of Chicago, IL, near Monticello, IN. She was drawing human figures before she was able to print her name. She excelled in art at an early age and was oil painting by the time she was twelve years old. While in high school, her drawings were subject to numerous awards and shows. She attended Purdue University on a track scholarship after graduation in 1983. Becoming injured her freshman year and unable to participate competitively anymore, she enrolled in beauty school. She figured that it was a career that would enable her to be creative. After working as a full time professional hair, nail & makeup artist for nine years in Lafayette, IN, she again enrolled full time at Purdue University at the age of twenty-eight. After two years she transferred into Herron School of Art/Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and in June of 2001 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University. Her emphasis was in drawing, painting & ceramics and she graduated in the top of her class. In May of 2000 she relocated to West Palm Beach, FL in pursuit of her dream of supporting herself entirely from her God given talent and in November of 2002 she moved to Fort Myers, FL to continue this quest.

While in Southwest Florida, she was invited to be on the SWFL Young Artists Competition Board of Directors as the Visual Arts Coordinator and asked to speak to parents, students & educators on the importance of art education. She worked part time two years as an art instructor with the Advanced Mentor Arts Academy in Fort Myers, FL and in December 2004, she retired from there to teach exclusively out of her own studio/gallery. She has taught classes collegiately and privately in multiple media to all ages for over twelve years and her students have acquired numerous local & national awards.

She has been represented by Arts for ACT (Abuse Counseling Treatment) gallery in downtown Fort Myers. Her oil paintings and ceramics were featured in Indianapolis, IN galleries, as well as featured in various publications. Her artworks, ceramics, drawings & paintings, have been shown in Chicago & New York City, as well as galleries in Lake Worth & Boca Raton, FL. While she was in college, her art was admired and sold in various juried exhibitions in the Midwest and at Purdue University, IUPUI & Indiana University.

In 2005, Julie founded the non-profit, Beauty From Ashes Ministries, one of the nation’s first, human trafficking overcomer-led, community service agency. The proceeds from Julie’s artwork go towards supporting the mission of Beauty From Ashes: to prevent, reach, and restore victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

In 2013, Mrs. Shematz acquired a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Gulf Coast University. She’s worked with some of the largest anti-trafficking organizations in the world developing and implementing outreach and aftercare models that have generated millions of dollars for victim centered, trauma informed care. She specializes Art, Equine and Animal Assisted Learning and Therapy for high risk youth and survivors, young and old, as well as, to the service providers of these populations.

In 2017, in a desperate effort to assist herself in healing from a broken neck, repeated head traumas, and burn out that came from enduring a chronic, stressful, working environment for nearly 3 years, she returned to creating artwork. In 2019, she began to take seriously what she believes is a divine calling from the Creator of the universe, since the beginning of time, to be a full time artist and educator.

She teaches art from her studios on she and her husband of 16 years, 5 acres with their horses, cows, chickens, and other livestock, the Shematz Sanctuary Farm, near Tampa, FL., as well as, at Hobby Lobby. She also teaches online through various social media channels including facebook, youtube, and instagram.

Her artwork often reflects her faith and embracing the journey of healing, identifying lies planted in our minds and hearts during traumatic events, and replacing them truth rooted in her biblical worldview. Julie works in mixed media and loves to explore colors and textures while integrating collage and abstract expressionism, yet retaining identifiable subjects. Her most recent work is of running horses, two and three dimensional pieces that are a reflection of her spirit. She favors using strong, saturated colors and her portrait & figurative anatomy skills are remarkable. The sizes of her work have ranged from 4"x 6" to 20'+x17'+ murals.

She’s available for commissions, live paintings for weddings and special events, parties, workshops, and recently has taken up professional photography. Call (239) 939-9218 to find out how she can assist you in creating life time memories while Inspiring the Artist in You.™

Julie is very thankful to her family and friends for their support & prayers over the years. Most importantly, she is eternally grateful to her Lord, Jesus Christ, for His grace, mercy & faithfulness to her. He has blessed her with the secret petitions and desires of her heart.

"I See Diamonds", Oil on canvas, 36" x 36"

Julie Taylor Shematz 2000

For Sale

"Forgiven", Pastel on paper, 24" x 16"

Julie Taylor Shematz 1999

Sold by Arts for ACT, Fort Myers, FL

Julie Taylor Shematz

"If ANYONE is in Christ,


the old has gone, THE NEW HAS COME".

II Corinthians 5:17