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As an artist:

In my years at Herron School of Art, where I have served as gallery director and curator since 1996, I have met only a handful of students as energetic, intelligent, and talented as Julie. As such, I would like to make the strongest possible recommendation on her behalf. It is my opinion Julie is one of those rare individuals who will always be a credit to whomever, or whatever, she is associated. Her work is not only the result of her devoted work ethic, but her artistic talent, which she has dutifully nutured. . .
-David Russick
Director/Curator Herron Gallery
Indianapolis, IN

“While remodeling our home, I was looking for a fresh idea for our bathroom. I had an idea of painting pots of flowers around the room but obviously couldn’t do it myself. What a blessing when a friend recommended Julie! She had great ideas, did a great job of faux painting the ceiling and walls and the clay pots & flowers are wonderful! We are so happy with the results and are now in the process of having her design a mural for our dining room. Thanks, Julie for a great job and for being so nice to work with. ”
-Millard & Barbara Brown
Re/Max Realty Group
Fort Myers, FL

Julie... “painted lavender scenery on my kitchen wall, a fairy scene in my daughter's room, a space scene in my son's room, and the angels from Raphael in my bedroom. My experience was wonderful and the work was more than I ever expected; she did a fantastic job.”
-Jolyn Cruse
Fort Myers, FL

We would like to thank you so much for the lovely mural that you painted for us by our pool here at our home on Sanibel. You provided us with a beautiful piece of artwork that we will enjoy for many years to come. You captured “Howie”, the parrot perfectly - so much so that Howie’s owners, our neighbors, were very impressed with your lovely work. We love the tropical foliage that you added to the whole design. We are very happy with it and we know that everyone who sees it will appreciate its beauty as well.
-Karl Evans & Carol Bakely Evans
Sanibel, FL

“Julie did a wonderful job of faux and custom painting for us. Her attention to detail was truly admirable and we look forward to working with her again in the near future. ”
-Tina Tofini
Cape Coral, FL

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Julie Taylor Shematz and having her paint a mural in my townhome in Fort Myers. Julie is an accomplished artist and capable of putting your ideas in paint. You lead the way and Julie commands the brush! I could not be more pleased with the mural she painted for me. It's exactly what I wanted. Many thanks. ”
-Becky Tous
Bill Tous Construction

“We love Julie, and her work is fabulous. Julie has done murals in both our daughter's and son's rooms. In our daughter's room, she did a rainforest mural. The room has truly come to life, with the life sized jaguar lounging on his branch overlooking the river below. In our son's room, she has brought to life The Justice League, with a life size Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, along with many others in a Gotham city scape. My son loves it, and so do we!”
-Mark and Bonnie Wiles
Wayne WIles Floor Covering
Fort Myers, FL

As an educator:

Julie . . . "was a memorable student because of her excellent skills and talents as well as her commitment to quality work in my class. Julie's ability to represent the figure in the portraits she painted in my class was clearly exemplary. She was an active participant in class critiques and discussions, and served as a positive role model for the other students. No doubt her skills as an artist as well as communicator have made her an excellent teacher for other students. Making art is a task that most people can accomplsh with practice. Becoming an artist requires talent, practice, dedication to learning, and the sensitivity to view the world in a very special way. Julie Taylor is most certainly an artist, a very fine one to be sure.”
-Jan Royce
Associate Faculty
Herron School of Art
Indianapolis, IN

“Julie is an excellent artist and teacher. Her ability to see into the heart of a student, person, subject, topic, or matter gives her a unique view and perspective. With so many ugly viewpoints being bombarded at us on a daily basis its refreshing to walk into her presence, talk with her on subject matters and topics, and see her viewpoint that forever proclaims the beauty that’s within. ”
-Mandy Carey
Parent of Student at
Cypress Lake Center for the Arts
Fort Myers, FL

“Thank you so much for everything you've done for me... I’ve had so much fun in art class and getting to know you. You've inspired me artistically and spiritually. You’ve shown me that anyone can be creative because our Maker is creative and He made us in His own image.”
-Olivia Helman, age 16
Student, Homeschooled
Fort Myers, FL

“Julie Shematz is a wonderful teacher as well as a great Christian woman. She shows patience and knowledge when she works with a group of art students. My two daughters just loved attending her art classes. If you are looking for someone with experience, patience and knowledge, Julie is that person. The way she handles her group she is firm and keeps control. She gives her students the room to explore their creative sides. In a nutshell Julie is just wonderful. ”
-Kim Kuser
Parent of 10 and 7 year olds
Fort Myers, FL

“Julie has been such a blessing to us. I was having a difficult time finding someone who gave art lesssons to 7 year olds. By luck, our paths crossed and it has been a wonderful experience. Julie truly cares about her students, their creativity, and exposing them to the many different media of the art world. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who has a real desire to study art. ”
-Bonnie Wiles
Parent of Student at
Saint Michael's Lutheran
Fort Myers, FL

“In today's world it's nice to have a low key inspiring environment to fulfill the creative balance that's suppressed by modern day pressures. Miss Julie's teaching brings back creativity & inspiration that might be otherwise lost. ”
Adult Student
Retired Navy
Alva, FL

“I liked art, but I didn't like it enough to do anything with it. When I went to Miss Julie's class, I realized how much fun it is and I've never stopped loving art since. Now I'm pursuing an art career that will enhance my other dreams. ”
-Alexandria, age 10
Southwest Florida Christian Academy
Fort Myers, FL

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